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I’m a latecomer to kayaking. 14 years ago, at the tender age of 59 I had a mid life crisis (according to my long suffering wife) and after a half day guided sea kayak trip I set about building a cedar strip Cape Ann Expedition. She served me well for over 10 years but when I stopped camping I decided to make something smaller for day trips. After a brief dalliance with the “open source” Shrike I built the stitch and glue Cirrus, stable mate to my first boat which is what I’m currently paddling. So why am I looking to build yet another kayak? I came across Brian’s website when I was looking to make a Greenland paddle and I’ve been seduced by the promise of a far lighter boat! My main boat transport is a camper van so manual handling is only going to get harder from now on! Having watched videos of the F1 being paddled I can’t wait to get started and hopefully this blog will supplement the excellent videos and plans Brian has produced.

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