SAMPLE POST: Brian’s F1 build, Portland, OR

Prep days 1-3

Welcome to the sample post, congratulations for getting through the setup, from here out it’s pretty easy:

1) write whatever you want in the box

2) click add media, and upload a few pics

3) scroll to the bottom right corner and select Large size

4) click insert into post

This blog format is a little different from normal, instead of making a new post every time you build, just log into this one post and update it.  That way your whole build lives on one page!  

At the end of the build add a few photos of yourself paddling and an impression of the boat.  Feel free to come back in the future and add photos and commentary on the kayaks, we would love it if you do!  The idea behind this is not just advertising, it’s a place where builders and skin boat paddlers can connect.   We take your privacy very seriously, and don’t mind if you do either.  We recommend you only post your first name and location.  The contact form that updates the build map will only show this information, and we will only share your email with other builders who inquire if you give us permission.  I am VERY excited to see your builds.  -Brian


Building day 1,   Building the deck.

Want to make a gallery instead of just stacking images like above?  After clicking add media and uploading photos select images you want in your gallery:  click create gallery in the upper left, click create new gallery in the lower right, then in the upper right select link to: media file, size: square, pop-up size: large, display: grid, enter the number of columns you want (you can ignore all the other options), then click insert gallery.

A little thing that tripped me up is to get a cursor after a gallery so you can add more text, you have to click to the right of a gallery until it gives you a tall cursor, then click return to get a cursor below.


Building day 2,  bending in ribs

Rib bending and tying on the stringers and stems.

Building day 3, deck stringers and misc.

Adding deck stringers, secondary stringers, foot braces, after deck stringers, drilling for deck line holes, sanding and oiling the frame.

Building day 4, skinning the kayak

Building day 5, coating the kayak

Building day 6, adding deck lines, grab loops, toggles, backband, seat pad, rub strips, and foot braces.

Day 7, go paddling!  It was cold that day!

Impressions:  Due to health reasons I don’t paddle much anymore.  It was nice to be in a boat.  This F1 was build for a lady who is 5’8″ and 130lbs, so the cockpit is a little longer to accommodate her leg length and it’s a little narrower making me sit 1/2 inch lower in the water than I like.  This actually makes for a nice look and fit, but maneuverability suffers as a result.  I also made a few choices to make the boat a pound lighter for her.  You can get away with slightly lighter framing for lighter people, although I rarely take from the ribs.  It’s these kind of minor tweaks that really make skin-on-frame special, the ability to customize for exact fit.  Nice boat.  Time to send it away now….


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Hi, I'm Brian, I've been building skin-on-frame kayaks for 17 years. I'm a (formerly) avid kayaker living in Portland, OR. I hope you enjoy the post!

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