Daniels F1 Build


My name is Daniel, I’m an artist and independent contractor from Tel Aviv, Israel.  I’m very excited to share my build here on the blog, so here we go…


In order to get ready for building I needed another and larger work bench as Brian suggests in the plans. I felt that I didn’t want to build a one time table just for this project so I went ahead and built myself  a collapsable table and following Brians lead, I used all reclaimed wood.

I found these 21*7/5 cm (3’*8′) roof rafters a couple of years back and thought this was a good use for them.
I cut the 21*7.5 cm (3’*8′) peaces in half to get 10.5*7.5 (3*4) legs than planed and squared them.
I cut notches for the stretchers and glued up the short sides and drilled holes for bolts for the long sides so the table can be set up and taken apart with ease. Also, my scrap piece of ply was already cut to 80 cm ( 31′) wide. I figured it was a shame to loose the tabletop space so the table is slightly larger than planed.
A good friend of mine found a bunch of PVC covers in the trash a wile back. Lucky me, one of them is an excellent fit with room to spare in case I want to cover the table with work on it.

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