Starting the West greenland in West greenland

Finally starting My West greenland boat, i have been waiting for wood supply at the hardwood store and they finally got it last week. I have been converting alot of the measurements from imperial to metric, which i Hope wont affect too much for My build. Since the hardwood store do not have much to offer and that we do not have Any tree mills here in greenland i bought a 22x150x540 knotless pine board and plane this to a thinkness of 17 mm (blockplane=elbows Hurt alot now) and I have now split this board so i have 2 pieces of about 60 mm 490 mm boards for the Gunwales and added the tip wedges.

I also bought a quiet a big piece of american ash for the Ribs and coaming.

Never been bending wood before so i AM exited to test this, but I think this will happen in about sometime i first have to soak the piece.

I am looking for Any website selling the nylon fabric i need. What should i use?

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