Axel’s F1 build in Arles, Southern France

I built my first kayak in 2017. It was a cedar-strip “Frej”, designed by Björn Thomasson ( I love it and go paddling whenever I can.

Still, as soon as I finished it I felt like building a new one. I started looking over the internet and got my mind set on the F1. But as I was about to order a plan, I badly damaged my Frej when a gust of wind snatched it from my hands as I was tying it to my car roof. So instead of a new kayak, I spent quite some time fixing the one I had. Then life made other plans for myself and my family, including an amazing year in Vancouver, BC, with lots of paddling! But now I’m back home and I feel like I want a little brother for my Frej.

I’m not quite ready to start right now, but in the meanwhile anyone interested can check out my Frej build there:

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