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Early 2022. I'm a long retired civil/structural engineer/project manager, and now living on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. I've been a member of the Burleigh men's shed for 8 years, so have easy access to an array of woodworking tools and workshop space, (as long as I don't spread out too much, which may be difficult!) I'm completely new to kayaking, previously I've paddled and steered Dragon boats at Australian national level, but covid put a stop to that. Late last year as I looked for a new upper body fitness option, I explored buying and using an inflatable kayak, to avoid the presumed hassle of loading a heavy kayak on the car. Serendipitously over xmas I discovered the Cape Falco Kayaks site and after listening to Brian's talk on the development and adaptability of the SoF F1decided to make this build my 2022 mens shed project. As an extra project I'll need to build a bike trailer to be able to tow the F1 to the local lakes and creeks. So here we are about to start, but a little past the actual beginning.

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