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Long time Builder, first time Blogger ;) I built my first boat when I was about 10... it was more of a help my older brother as he started building SeaFleas as a small business (the Minimax 8 https://muskokaseaflea.ca/StaticWeb2/?page_id=61). I continued to help my brother as he started a business importing yachts from Taiwan, 30'-50' motor yachts, we were Oceania Yachts, I opened the American office. Fast forward to 2008, I had taken up kayaking and in a phone conversation with my friend Garry who introduced me to the sport, when I asked why he did not own a boat - "I could not do one of those plastic pigs, I would need to build one..." after a quick search I found a skin on frame kayak that used modern materials, in particular aircraft dacron that is heat shrink, the same fabric that was on my airplane... technology that I am familiar with. I started the build with 3 nephews, each building their own boat. 11 months later I launch Kia Ora, my 17' Sea Kayak, a year later, Leo joined the fleet, a 12' Wood Duck Stick and Glue for my wife. One nephew launched in 2014, second is about to (2021) and the third is ready for skin. Last summer, after borrowing my sister's canoe for the summer, we decided we needed our own canoe and I really loved the 66. I am building a full size tandem, 16', 36" beam R/B ratio 1.40 and a D/B ratio of .37. Burr oak for the ribs and yellow cedar for the rest.

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