Here are a few tips for getting started with your post after you’ve signed up to blog your build.


  1. Login here or use the “Blogger Login” link in the menu to sign into your account using the username and password we’ve sent you.
  2. In the sidebar menu, click “Profile”
  3. You can ignore most everything on this page. Scroll about halfway down the page, and sdd a brief bio in the “Biographical Info” field. This will show up at the end of your post along with your photo, and is a great way to tell the community a bit about yourself.
  4. Add your photo — you can do this using Gravatar if you already have an account, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and upload a photo under “Avatar”.
  5. Click the Blue “Update Profile” button to save your changes.



You can also refer to the Sample Post for guidelines and help in creating a post.

  1. In the sidebar menu, click “Posts > Add New”
  2. In the “Categories” box on the right side of the page, check “Student Builds”
  3. In the “Featured Image” box at the bottom of the right side of the page, upload a photo to serve as the thumbnail for your post. You can change this as you continue to build, if you like.
  4. In the Title field, enter your name, the boat you’re building, and your location. Example: Brian’s F1 Build, Portland, Oregon
  5. Start writing in the main content field. You can use the tools to style your text, and upload photos and video. Click “Save Draft” periodically as you work so you don’t lose your content. Check out the Sample Post for more info on adding and formatting images.
  6. Click the Blue “Publish” button to save your changes and post your page live.
  7. Each time you come back to the site, open your post and add to it, creating a sequential log of your build. Click the Blue “Update” button each time to save and post your new content.



Here are a few good tutorials on how to create a post in WordPress. There is an enormous amount of information out there on using WordPress — if you get stuck, googling how to do something will usually provide a quick fix. Or you can email us.

How to Add a New Post in WordPress and Utilize all the Features

Writing WordPress Posts

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