Welcome to Blog your Build, a feature we’ve added where you can get free plans for uploading pictures and text of your build to our site! How it works is simple, add yourself to the map, and then after you’ve purchased your instructional video email us and we will send you a coupon code you can use on the learning platform to download your plans. Once you start building upload a few pictures and a some text each time you build. You can share your blog with friends and family and we get to watch your build!  Win-win.

This offer applies retroactively to anyone who has already built a boat, if you have the pictures to upload a blog, we’ll give you another free set of plans or refund your initial purchase. Finally, if you are a former student, please consider adding yourself to the map!  It’s neat to see where all the boats are.

Daniels F1 Build

Hi, My name is Daniel, I’m an artist and independent contractor from Tel Aviv, Israel.  I’m very excited to share my build here on the blog, so here we go… GETING READY In order to get ready for building I needed another and larger work bench as Brian suggests in the plans. I felt that I“Daniels F1 Build”

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2 West Greenland Kayaks, built in Bristol (UK) by Ant

Hello, this post follows a pair of West Greenland kayaks that I’m building. My name’s Ant and I’m a wooden boatbuilder based in Bristol (UK), who also loves kayaking. Prepping I’m using Western Red Cedar for the gunwales, stringers and keel, and green English Oak for the ribs and cockpit coamings. First I make the“2 West Greenland Kayaks, built in Bristol (UK) by Ant”

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Peter’s long and knotty Greenland paddle build, Sackville, NB, Canada

Introduction This is my first paddle build. I’ll be using cheap western redcedar 2-by-4 boards as practice before I try with nicer wood. I live in a small town on the east coast and there are very few options for me to find good wood. There will probably be plenty of knots and some warping“Peter’s long and knotty Greenland paddle build, Sackville, NB, Canada”

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