Student Builds

Carbon fiber F1 kayak

Guenter’s Carbon Fiber F1, Vienna, Austria

CapeFalcon F1 in Carbon, December 2019 I’m Guenter, living in Vienna/Austria. I’m 49y old, in real life I’m an engineer for a mobile telecom operator. Since I’m mainly a sailor, I’m used to Carbon as a construction material. I’ve already done quite some stuff in Carbon and Epoxy, including molds, as well structural and visibleContinue…
test bend on the jig

Chris’ F1 kayak build, Stirling, Scotland

Update: 27 Jan 2020 – Completing the build. (below). Preparations: Oct/Nov 2019 After nearly three months of researching local sources of supply, negotiating access to large enough workshop space (not enough room at home, or I’d have to remove the windows to get the boat out!) and budgeting, I’ve committed to the build!  I’ve managed“Student Builds”

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Ivo's F1

Ivo’s F1 Build

Starting at the End (30Nov2019) First paddle. Very quick.  Huge amounts of reserve stability.  Now back to the beginning…   Two days in the wood stacks and found barely acceptable wood. Then Day 1 Prep. I spent two days in every lumber yard in the area and was able to find barely acceptable wood.  My“Student Builds”

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Greg’s F1 Build – Seattle WA

**SORRY** I’m still learning this blog system and how best to share pictures, so bear with me while I figure out the best format to use… 10/13/2019 My first post… I actually can’t say I’ve started actually building yet, but I have started the entire process! 🙂 I’ve loved getting an intro by watching all“Student Builds”

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Jukka’s F1 build, Finland

I am Jukka Olanterä from Finland. I live near Lahti and I have paddled for many years over 1000 km every year. I have paddled all over Finland on lakes and sea. But also in Sweden, Estonia and Russia. I am starting to build F1 skin-on-frame kayak. Now I am making preparing for the project.“Student Builds”

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Matt’s 13-7 pack build, Burlington, Vermont

This is my third build using Brian’s system.  I love building this way; the freedom and flexibility to play with the formula and manipulate the shape of the boat is liberating.  It is also the first time that I’ve made any attempt to really record my build process.  I was surprised at how hard it“Student Builds”

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Ryan’s 66 Large Touring Double-Paddle Canoe, Houston, TX

I have nearly no woodworking experience and didn’t have many tools when I started this project, so it has been a slow start. I’m using fir since all the red cedar I have found is knot full. Finding green oak locally has been near impossible, I found some white oak that was cut late last“Student Builds”

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Dave’s F1 build in Victoria BC

Dave here from Victoria, British Columbia. I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger on Brian’s course. I suspect this F1 will be one of many Cape Falcon vessels I build. I consider myself a medium-experienced paddler. Maybe when I’m in my 70’s or 80’s (I’m late 40’s now) I’ll consider myself more advanced, but“Student Builds”

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Kamilla, F1 Build, Tiilerilaaq East Greenland

Started building a kayak in Tiilerilaaq for the pupils to use. The builders are Max – school headmaster and Kamilla – teacher and writer of this blog. Our school has about a dozen of pupils. Tiilerilaaq is a traditional fishing and hunting settlement on Sermilik fjord and has about 70 inhabitants. Kayaks are used here“Student Builds”

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Building a West Greenland kayak in West Greenland

Finally starting My West Greenland boat, I have been waiting for wood supply at the hardwood store and they finally got it last week. I have been converting a lot of the measurements from imperial to metric, which i Hope wont affect too much for My build. Since the hardwood store do not have much“Student Builds”

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Thorsten‘s LPB Kayak & Greenland Paddle

Hi Folks, I’m Thorsten, 34 years old, living in Regensburg – Bavaria/Germany, building a LPB. After two months looking for straight wood that would properly bend for the ribs and coaming, I finally was lucky to get a whole tree of ash (1.000 kg = 2.200 lbs). The problem here was mostly timing. Usually, trees“Student Builds”

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Andreas’s F1 Build

Hello. This is Andreas from the San Francisco Bay area. I never thought I’d build a kayak, but here I am. This post is for people who may be curious about building a kayak but like me were not sure they could pull it off. I am (was?) a novice woodworker and am still a“Student Builds”

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Canoes in North Dakota

5/24/2019 INTRODUCTION. Hello, I’m Justin, I live in the middle of nowhere North Dakota (ND). Living in the middle of nowhere as you can imagine makes getting proper material a bit of a challenge as most of the lumber yards around me just have your typical building materials. If you know anything about North Dakota“Student Builds”

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Alan’s LPB and Greenland Paddle

4/15/19 So I am entered in the California River Quest and the Texas Water Safari this year and have decided that the LPB will be the perfect mix of speed and stability for those races. I’ve never paddled one – but I’ve decided anyway. I started off making a couple of paddles first. I have“Student Builds”

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Des Moines, IA F1 Build

Hello Everyone, I have been in the planning process for building an F1 for about 8 months now. I have limited financial resources at the time, and I do not have a woodworking shop, or a wealth of nice tools. I have been slowly collecting chisels, rasps, drills, bits, hand jig saws, clamps, planers, and“Student Builds”

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Steve’s Nesting Pack Canoes, Middlebury, Vermont

    Hi all – I am an amateur boat builder, with a dozen or so kayaks and canoes built over the years, mostly for friends and family. I started with a couple of stitch-and-glue kayaks based on Chesapeake Lightcraft designs. Those were fun boats, but I never was crazy about stitch-and-glue. So I moved“Student Builds”

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Franz building a F1 in southeastern Bavaria

Hi, I’m a half century old software developer (actually a physicist) and got the kayak bug a year ago. I live in the very southeast of Bavaria/Germany close to Rosenheim. Now I’m embarking on building a F1.   16th March 2019 I’m currently still preparing things. This is already getting a bit lengthy, since I“Student Builds”

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Peter from South Australia building F2

Well I have been putting this of for awhile, not the blogging but the building of a double kayak. My wife finally won out. So here I am building my 5th skin on frame Kayak. and I must say it fills my shed, barely enough room to get around either end. It keeps me fit“Student Builds”

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Adam’s F1 Build in Norcross, Georgia – USA

For me, the building process began over a year ago when I found Brian’s site over Christmas vacation 2017. I immersed myself in the free course material and as soon as that ran out, I bought the F1 build course and plans. My plan is document the build over the next days/weeks through words and“Student Builds”

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