Lisa’s F1 Build, Hannibal, Missouri


Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a potter, artist and high school art teacher, originally from St. Louis, MO.

While I have some wood working skills, I am still very much a novice. The other challenge that I face, is in not having the luxury of some basic woodworking tools such as a table saw, planer and drill press, so I am borrowing these items when I can and making due with the tools that I do own.

Finding red cedar in the Midwest is difficult. For this kayak, I did manage to find enough from a home improvement store and a lumbar carrier in St. Louis.

I’m excited to begin this project! I am grateful that Brian has shared his knowledge and experience in videos.


Update 6/16/2018

This week I have set up for and cut my mortises. For me, setting up is what takes 75% of my time. My second kayak should definitely go faster.

Rib Mortises

Curved Deck Beam Mortises

Update 6/28/2018

Before a trip out of town I laminated the deck beams. It’s easy to get into production mode. I had the second deck beam glued and in place on the jug when I remembered that I only own 12 clamps. After a very quick trip to the store I got the second beam clamped.

Laminated deck beams are finished, except for sanding.

Update 7/2/2018

After borrowing table saws from friends, I finally bought one off of Craigslist. The seller was super nice and very fair. This good old crafsman will help me cut the rest of my materials at my leisure.

Update 7/9/2018

Finished 25 degree router jig, finished my deck mortises, formed the gunwales, and have begun my deck beam tenons.

deck beam #1 tenon. Brian’s system for cutting tenons is very user friendly. I have never done tenons before, but this first one doesn’t look too bad.

Update 7/10/2018

5 of 6 deck beams. I cut on the wrong side of deck beam #2 and cut the tenon off on one side. Have to laminate another beam.


Angled Pegs
Completed deck beams

Update 7/14/2018

Stern before cutting
Stern fitted, not yet lashed
Bow stem fitted but not lashed

Update 7/15/2018

Bow and Stern stems are stitched on. Very pleased and amazed how well the kayak is progressing. I have 2 weeks of other commitments, so this is my stopping place for a while.

Update 8/11/2018

The frame is completed. I had to retie the some of the lashing on the bow and stern stems, but I just oiled the frame today. The only thing left is to skin the boat and add the rigging. I have my skinning kit, but will have to wait a month or so, due to the start of school and several weekend commitments.


Update: 9/24/18

Skinning the kayak

Kayak is still wet from being sprayed and ironed. As the kayak dried the remaining wrinkles disappeared.


Update 9/30/2018

I coated the kayak today. This process was not difficult…intense, but not difficult. My problem is that you don’t get a do over. Now I have a feel for the process the next kayak should look better. I do have some heavy application cloudiness along the seam of the deck. Fortunately I left the kayak white, so it isn’t a glaring visual issue.



Update 10/6/18

All but a few pieces of rigging are completed.  Took her out today for the first paddle on a small local lake.  I didn’t experience any leaks, and she paddled beautifully. The quietest kayak I own.

Can’t wait to start the West Greenland next. My goal is to complete that one by spring and warmer waters.

I want to thank Brian Schulz for making his knowledge accessible across the miles. I chose his kayak system in part because I didn’t have to drive for days from Hannibal, MO to a coastal location for a class, AND I was impressed with his ability to teach. I was not disappointed!  I’m a fan of Cape Falcon for life!

Now, on to the next kayak and back to the intoxicating aroma of cedar in my garage.



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