Lisa’s F1 Build, Hannibal, Missouri

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a potter, artist and high school art teacher, originally from St. Louis, MO. I have just begun to build my F1.

While I have some wood working skills, I am still very much a novice. The other challenge that I face, is in not having the luxury of some basic woodworking tools such as a table saw, planer and drill press, so I am borrowing these items when I can and making due with the tools that I do own. I will be investing in a plunge router, however.

Due to house configuration issues my building space will be a bit “nomadic”.  My plan is to prep my gunwales and deck beams in the basement, assemble, steam bend, and skin in the living room and coat the skin in the garage. If this gets too crazy, I may finally have to organize the garage that still has “stuff” from our move into the house last summer.

Since the school year is still in progress I am working on prepping for my build, when I can. I am also still actively contacting people to source my wood.  Sourcing western red cedar will most likely mean a two hour drive to St. Louis.

I’m excited to begin this project! I am grateful that Brian has shared his knowledge and experience in videos.

So Far I have my Jigs and steam box completed.


Update 6/16/2018

This week I have set up for and cut my mortises. For me, setting up is what takes 75% of my time. My second kayak should definitely go faster.

Rib Mortises 

Deck Beam Mortises



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