Adam’s F1, Norcross, Georgia – USA

For me, the building process began over a year ago when I found Brian’s site over Christmas vacation 2017. I immersed myself in the free course material and as soon as that ran out, I bought the F1 build course and plans.

My plan is document the build over the next days/weeks through words and images.

Building the F1 is part physical therapy from a serious burn injury a couple of years ago, expanding my small boat building knowledge and part just staying out of trouble. Although i am in no rush, I am amazed as how fast the build comes together and how helpful the instructional videos are every step of they way. Initially I was wishing I simply had detailed build instructions but soon found Brian’s videos to be so much more beneficial … as if I have taken a one on one class.

The Prep

I ordered an F1 kit from Brian as well as 30 pieces of rib stock. My thinking was that I was unsure if I could source green white oak and that even if I thought I could, how could I be sure I had quality stock. With Brian’s rib stock I knew I had essentially the best of the best giving me a valuable data point on what quality wood could do. I built a coaming jig in hopes of finding quality local green white oak which I believe I have found … so will likely build a cockpit coaming for my next F1 after i finish up this one.

During this time I also sourced the other items I would need… router buts, zero clearance fence, 1/4″, 6 TPI band saw blade, magnetic feather board and some drill bits. I even made a new push stick based on Brian’s sage safety advise.  Speaking of which, through the videos Brian takes the time to point out simple and smart “life hacks” for working with power and sharp objects … the non preachy, caring delivery of the warning is very welcomed and effective.

Building the Deck

Ribs, Stems and Stringers

Finishing the Frame

Skinning the Kayak

Coating the Kayak

Rigging the Kayak

Paddling the Kayak

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