Alan’s LPB and Greenland Paddle


So I am entered in the California River Quest and the Texas Water Safari this year and have decided that the LPB will be the perfect mix of speed and stability for those races. I’ve never paddled one – but I’ve decided ayway. I started off making a couple of paddles first. I have made one previously out of Yellow Cedar. That one gained a lot of weight after a couple of hours in the water. And that was with 2 layers of house paint and 3 coats of polyacrylic on it. I did a test and found that bare Western Red Cedar absorbs less than half the water of red cedar after 2 and 12 hours underwater. My new paddle in the video absorbed only 1 gram of water after a 3 hour paddle. It had 3 coats of Spar Varnish on it. Awesome.


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Photographer, Wilderness Instructor, Social Worker, Web Designer. I've made 2 CLC Patuxents, and a fuselage frame racing kayak of my own design. Making this PLB for the Texas Water Safari and California River Quest.

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