West greenland kayak

this build has been a great journey, i have enjoyed building my own and first kayak.

i am now done with the frame and are ready to skin the kayak. I have found a german website where i have purchased tge skin extremetextile.de, i wanted to purchase it in the US, but the shipment to greenland is often really expensive and sometimes pricier than the actual item.

i bended the coaming 2 weeks ago and that was really exciting since i’ve never been bending wood before but it went well untill i bended the lip which broke, but good i had another one laying around just in case.

the ribs went really great too only 2 ribs failed and the rest went great and smooth.

next step is skinning and coating the skin in gloss white paint.




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  1. Qillaq Berthelsen
    September 2, 2019

    just finished skinning the boat which didnt go as i hoped, I unfortunately cut the skin too narrow so i had to put on some patches over the sewing. I have now painted the skin 3 times and still needs to paint it once then it will be ready for testing, which i really am looking forward and will be trying kayaking for the first time.
    i am now making a paddle of the rest of the wood pine and ash, and probably will be making another one of some Oregon pine this winter.


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