Building a West Greenland kayak in West Greenland

Finally starting My West Greenland boat, I have been waiting for wood supply at the hardwood store and they finally got it last week. I have been converting a lot of the measurements from imperial to metric, which i Hope wont affect too much for My build. Since the hardwood store do not have much to offer and that we do not have Any tree mills here in Greenland I bought a 22x150x540 knotless pine board and plane this to a thickness of 17 mm (blockplane=elbows hurt a lot now) and I have now split this board so I have 2 pieces of about 60 mm 490 mm boards for the Gunwales and added the tip wedges.

I also bought a quiet a big piece of American ash for the ribs and coaming.

Never been bending wood before so I AM exited to test this, but I think this will happen in about sometime i first have to soak the piece.

I am looking for any website selling the nylon fabric i need. What should i use?

Currently done putting on the deck beams and pegging them.

This build has been a great journey, i have enjoyed building my own and first kayak.

I am now done with the frame and are ready to skin the kayak. I have found a german website where I have purchased the skin, I wanted to purchase it in the US, but the shipment to Greenland is often really expensive and sometimes pricier than the actual item.

I bended the coaming 2 weeks ago and that was really exciting since I’ve never been bending wood before but it went well until i bended the lip which broke, but good i had another one laying around just in case.

The ribs went really great too only 2 ribs failed and the rest went great and smooth.

Next step is skinning and coating the skin in gloss white paint.



  1. Qillaq Berthelsen
    September 2, 2019

    just finished skinning the boat which didnt go as i hoped, I unfortunately cut the skin too narrow so i had to put on some patches over the sewing. I have now painted the skin 3 times and still needs to paint it once then it will be ready for testing, which i really am looking forward and will be trying kayaking for the first time.
    i am now making a paddle of the rest of the wood pine and ash, and probably will be making another one of some Oregon pine this winter.

  2. Chris
    November 23, 2019

    Best wishes for the launch and testing, Quillaq, a beautiful boat.


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