Greg’s F1 Build – Seattle WA


It floats! Love it! Getting in was a big of a challenge, but once in it felt great! What a fun project 🙂


It took longer than expected, but it’s finally done! Can’t wait to go out on the water. 🙂


After a long break finally completed the urethane coating on the skin – getting closer!


Completed sewing up the deck, adding the combing, and shrinking the skin. Excited to get it done and get out on the water!


Skinned and tightened covering completed.


Frame complete!


Completed adding on the stringers. I hope it will float!


Finished steaming the ribs, now it’s really looking like a kayak – extremely excited!


Ribs are ready to be steamed!


Over the past few days I’ve finished a few more items. Those steps include kerfing, lashing, and pegging the ends of the boat, as well as completing the mortise and tenon joinery for the 6 deck beams.


Its taking shape, so excited!!!


Completed some work on the keel and stringers today, also prepped the ribs that will be steamed to shape. Progressing!


Completed the laminated deck beams today. Unfortunately two broke during insertion into the jig, so had to visit the lumber yard for some red cedar that was then cut down to make more. The garage is quite a mess now, luckily my wife is patiently waiting to park in the garage for a few days! 🙂


OK, work shop upgrades done, back to building! I’ve finished using the plunge router to create my mortises. It’s now time to “Focus on the Boat“, per instructions from one of my work team members! 🙂


Tools are out and prep-work has begun! A few of the steam box parts did not fit correctly, so it provided me a perfect opportunity to try out the Japanese razor saw I bought on a recent trip to Japan. This Japanese razor saw is really amazing, having the right tools for the job always makes the work more fun! The saw cut the wood like butter, and is the resulting face is completely planer. Also making a few alterations to the dowel that is used to lift up the ribs in the steam box. I also learned another lesson, no putting drinks down on my work surfaces! I ended up christening the inside of my steam box with a bit with my favorite beverage. 🙂


Finished my retractable workspace counter last night. It’s not very good looking, but it will suffice for the winter!


Feels like Christmas morning as I sat in the garage late last night in my pajamas and opened some new tools! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn how to use each of them. Also, my rope and pulley system for the kayak workspace is also proceeding, but I need another trip to the hardware store to get a few items. I should be able to finally start some “real” work this weekend!


My first post… I actually can’t say I’ve started actually building yet, but I have started the entire process! 🙂

I’ve loved getting an intro by watching all the online videos. It looks amazing what can be done and created using this video course. I couldn’t be more excited!

Here is where I am in the process so far:

  • I’ve purchased the F1 plans the course and sourced a local professional boat builder, John, to prepare me a “kit” per the very nicely formatted cut list and associated diagrams
    • The wood looks great, John did an amazing job! As a fellow boat builder, he included some “scraps” of wood that has historical significance – how cool is that!
  • I’ve purchased the preformed coming and small parts kit from Brian, as well as a set of nicely cut ribs
    • I have ambitions of building a skin-on-frame canoe also soon, so in anticipation of that I had my rib box ordered to John a bit longer than the plans require.
  • I’ve purchased most of the tools and equipment I need to start building, with the big ticket items being the following:
    • Dewalt 2.25 HP plunge router
    • Drywall steamer
    • Bosche 7A jig saw
    • Bosche hand planer

Next I’ll be working on preparing my work surface. For my work space, I will have it so I can lift my 14′ 2×8 board to the ceiling when not in use via pulleys and ropes. Most of my work will be done when the car is outside the garage. As I’m in no rush on this project, I’d plan to do it at my pace, whatever that may be, which may come in spurts as I also tend to work harder when more stressed from work, or during the rainy winter here in Seattle!




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  1. Wei
    October 14, 2019

    That is good starting project.

  2. Ivo
    February 27, 2020

    With the gunwales and deck beams it starts to look like a kayak. It gets more rewarding from here on out.

  3. Roham
    March 5, 2020

    Wow this is amazing, I love following your progress this is very inspiring.
    Keep it up!!!

    You got this Greg, glad to see you are focusing on the boat 🙂

  4. Evan Schelter
    February 11, 2022

    I am considering custom ordering an F!, but would like to feel for myself what it’s like beforehand. Would you consider getting together so i could do a short paddle? Want to test the stability, turning, comfort, ease of getting in and out, speed. I live nearby in Bellevue and would love to see your boat.


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