Laking Build, Auckland, New Zealand

We are George Robert and Robert George Laking, building 2x F1 kayaks, starting in November 2021.

Phase I, 23 November 2021: we came to build kayaks, these are battleships (some pretty solid workbenches on castors). And the garage needs a tidy!

We came to build kayaks, these are battleships

22 December 2021: Battleships complete! Garage is tidier, too. Also, received 2x kayak kits from Brian and Liz.

Workbenches — thinking of them as Aotearoa and Te Wai Pounamu (the Māori names for NZ’s two main islands)

Western Red Cedar obtained from BBS Timber, Henderson, Auckland, NZ. It was an exciting drive back across town with this battering ram strapped to the roof of the vehicle. Smaller plan is in the front seat. That’s younger brother Julian in the photo.

Cross-sectional plan for ripping planks. In the New Year we’ll head down to the local community “Mens’ Shed” for time on their table saw. There’ll be about 17 cuts in here. Also hoping to squeeze out some 4 mm strips for laminates.

Hopefully this is not revealing too much of the plans! I have encoded it using our mysterious metric cryptography.

Happy New Year 2022! We are sweltering at 27 Celsius 50% humidity. Well it feels hot to me. We went to the local “Men’s Shed”, a community workshop mainly for seniors. It’s just down the road and they have all the big tools.

Martin giving me a hand. Where’s my hair?

18 January 2022: Oops, 4th gunwale is from undressed side of timber.

28 January 2022 and good old Devonport Timber came through with this nifty piece of hardwood from their waste bin, I reckon we can use it to build the 25⁰ mortise jig … or not! It’s a little on the short side for safety with power tools. At least I can use it for the special sticks.

Skinny but can redouble.

Update 27 March 2022. We’re back from a 3 week hiatus bikepacking tour in NZ’s South Island.

We cycled to Piopiotahi Milford Sound. Would quite like to kayak here!
Plunge routing the rib mortices.
Is this allowed? Due to limited length of router bit, I’ve routed the 25 degree angle mortices from the outside in. When viewed from the inside looking out, they slope upwards at 25 degrees, and the top of the mortice is 1/2 inch below the upper edge of the gunwale.
The beauty of curves in wood! Finally the shape is seen.
Rounding the edges on stringers and keel.
Tenon for deck beam
Ribs ready to go
Ribs in place. Time for a spot of keel straightening.
Oiling the frame.
Stitched it! Those creases ironed out well.
Stained, coated, and closing up stitch holes.
Went on trip to Germany. Probably a bit congested for paddling here.
Back home in NZ for finishing touches, late in 2022 by now.
Finished boats on van, for first outings!
First camping trip, Te Ara Moana, Auckland, New Zealand
Real happy with this boat.

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