Peter’s long and knotty Greenland paddle build, Sackville, NB, Canada

Introduction This is my first paddle build. I’ll be using cheap western redcedar 2-by-4 boards as practice before I try with nicer wood. I live in a small town on the east coast and there are very few options for me to find good wood. There will probably be plenty of knots and some warping“Peter’s long and knotty Greenland paddle build, Sackville, NB, Canada”

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Jay’s F1xl

Hi, I am Jay and live on the south coast of the United States.  I have retired after a career as a commercial pilot.  I have had kayaks over the years,  my current kayak is a Innova Seawave, which is a convenient barge of a kayak.  I wanted a better performing kayak to paddle around  in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico.   I am a big guy, about 6’4” or 193cm and weigh 275ish.  Brian was generous enough to provide guidance to make (what I call my F1xl), by upscaling the 175 lb. version by  114%.

I started the boat by reviewing the excellent video course.  I started the deck on September 20, and received my beautiful rib stock on September 25.

A word of caution, several upscale lumber yards assured me they had white oak, but after testing with some alcohol, found to be the locally common red oak,  which is not as desirable.

Tomorrow we bend!

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2 West Greenland Kayaks, built in Bristol (UK) by Ant

Hello, this post follows a pair of West Greenland kayaks that I’m building. My name’s Ant and I’m a wooden boatbuilder based in Bristol (UK), who also loves kayaking. Prepping I’m using Western Red Cedar for the gunwales, stringers and keel, and green English Oak for the ribs and cockpit coamings. First I make the“2 West Greenland Kayaks, built in Bristol (UK) by Ant”

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