2 West Greenland Kayaks, built in Bristol (UK) by Ant

Hello, this post follows a pair of West Greenland kayaks that I’m building. My name’s Ant and I’m a wooden boatbuilder based in Bristol (UK), who also loves kayaking.


I’m using Western Red Cedar for the gunwales, stringers and keel, and green English Oak for the ribs and cockpit coamings. First I make the coamings – making the ocean-style cockpit for the West Greenland is a lot easier than the keyhole cockpit on the F1, as the bend at the front is gentler. Then I bevel the stringers and round the edges of the oak ribs.

To be continued, as this build is in progress …

Ant Mace

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I'm a wooden boatbuilder, who also loves kayaking! I build kayaks and other craft from my workshop at Underfall Yard, Bristol (UK)

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  1. Nick Gates
    November 27, 2018

    Hi, Did you finish the kayaks?


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