Lisa’s Greenland Paddle Construction, Hannibal, Missouri

Since school is out and I finally have some time to devote to kayaking and projects. I decided to start my summer with building a Greenland Paddle.  I figured this would be a good introduction to Cedar and some of the same tools that I will be using for the F1.

Below you will see pics of my process. Its not perfect, but if I do any further work on it I will pass the point of no return and probably ruin it. I learned a lot. Hopefully my second one will be more decisive in planes, lines and contours.

My main difficulties:

not having block plane experience

Not knowing how to read wood grain to avoid grain tear out.

Making the paddle a tad too wide for my proportions in an attempt to get more “catch” and force. Still works great though!

Completed Greenland Paddle

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  1. Andre Gerlitz
    June 9, 2018

    Looks super!


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