2 new build’s in Sweden !!

Last time long-paddling in a kayak was 1987 ! It was a 2 weeks tour to the Norwegian Fjords. Me and my wife had 2 greenland inspired kayaks that we imported from UK 1982. They where 5m long and 58cm wide and had very tight and small cockpits. Very nice Baidarka models.

Now, 30 years later… Some weeks ago my olde’s daughter did a evening trial paddling. I started to goggle and found Cape Falcon Kayak web site. It took a week and three… four mails to Brian and another builder in north Sweden and I had bought the fundamentals for build of one F1 for my daughter and a LPB for me. Despite Brians video recommendations … I thought I need a bigger kayak than the F1 to distribute my additional new kilos since 1987. And I want to re-live my old kayak that I sold 1992. The build plan has been made and looks like the following:

  1. July. I hope Brians deliver as promise everything I need (coaming kit and accessories,…)
  2. August. Prefabricate all parts and build of deck
  3. September. Brians deliver the ribs, fresh US oak. The ribbs and keel to be build. A bit scary, when I see all blogs, but I look forward to it
  4. October. Skin mounting
  5. November. Painting. What color to take?!
  6. December. Too cold water to test new kayak. Only look and dream
  7. January. Ice in baltic sea, so impossible to kayak
  8. Febuary. More ice on baltic sea
  9. March. Water cold as a drink full of ice-cube’s
  11. New life, restart an old dream

Please follow us to see the progress on our build’s and help me improve the result by giving me hints, tricks and please share your learnings !!

On the blog I miss pictures and videos on the cape falcon kayaks in the water. Please page more usage pictures and videos from expeditions or short tours!!


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Born 1965. 1985-1992 kayaking around in Norway and Sweden. Now I intend to restart this!! I love water, sailing, camping and scuba diving.

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