Chris’ F1 kayak build, Stirling, Scotland

Preparations: Oct/Nov 2019

After nearly three months of researching local sources of supply, negotiating access to large enough workshop space (not enough room at home, or I’d have to remove the windows to get the boat out!) and budgeting, I’ve committed to the build!  I’ve managed to find reasonable local sawmills who were more amenable than the bigger commercial outlets to selling the small quantities that I’ll need and have had some very helpful information from other F1 builders online. All this has to fit around work in a school, so this may take some time.  Luckily, Scottish winter weather and short days are there to urge me into the workshop!

The initial wood prep is done, now I’m making the more detailed measurements from the plans and beginning to trim things to size, ready for steam-bending the cockpit coaming.

I’m converting dimensions from Imperial, which I grew up with, to Metric, to which I am now accustomed.  When I’m at a later stage of actually fitting things together, I’ll post a list of the conversions for those of you struggling with this aspect of translation.

I’ll be using hand tools for much of the build, apart from the main processing work.  When making the drilling jigs for the mortises, I made another jig for drilling the angled hole in the Deck Beam Mortise jig with a pillar-drill (drill-press?), as shown in the photo below.  Before starting to drill into the jig, I marked a start position and used a 6mm chisel to cut out a small flat area for the drill bit to bite into without skidding along the inclined surface.  As these will be used in a shared workshop, I wrote on them to stop people throwing them in the firewood bin!!

mortise jigs and jig-making-jig

Back at home, I’ve completed the coaming and deck beam jigs.  I’ve put a sheet of plastic over them to prevent glue sticking as I have no wax coatings to hand just now, I find this works well for other gluing operations that I’ve had to do, like making table-tops.

coaming & deck beam jigs

Next job: planing the coaming tapers…



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Technician, outdoor educator, artist - currently distracted from paint and canvas by 3-dimensional work in wood, namely making paddles and now beginning the F1 kayak project.

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