Phillip and the West Greenland Kayak build(Stretched form ), Glengarry, Tasmania, Australia .

Nov 2020

I have almost finished the prep work for the stretched form of the West Greenland Kayak.

White oak from Cape Falcon Kayaks arrived during the lock downs .I have tried to keep stable in a cool room at 70-80 % Humidity .
I used the cnc to cut the spreaders and capture forms which worked quite well .
again the CNC for the Jigs
For the straight cut I used a CNC to cut a variation of the Samurai Jig . (
15 Nov 2020 .Today gluing up the laminations RED cedar and a center strip of Mahogany, I have opted for West system Epoxy, since this is what I know, Micro fiber filler .

17 Nov The west system epoxy created a few problems, it makes for a slippery surface and as the clamps were attached they became hard to hold and even with the wax it stuck to the dowels .The result was still fine but I will try the polyurethane glue next time.

25 Nov 2020

Spent the weekend working on the build, I made a huge stuff up by putting the rib mortise on the wrong side, I have plugged these up and spend yesterday cutting the rib mortises and the deck mortises .

Nov 30 2020

Slow progress wedges done and most of the bevels cut .I found it helpful to draw a line on the edge of the taper to keep track .

Starting the build 5 Dec 2020

Set the forms and captured the ends .

6th Dec 2020

After reading an update from Brian about the laminated deck beam I made a second beam using hard wood Walnut and Mahogany . There is only a few grams difference and a lower profile, plus very pretty. I find hardwood some much nicer to work with than the cedar.

Cedar lamination
Hardwood laminations

Lower profile on nice looking timber .

In relation to the dowels I used a 1/4 inch threaded bolt in lue of a a Letter D drill. If you screw it in then strip the threads out it’s about the right size for the 1/4 inch dowel .

14 December 2020

Deck beams

I spent the weekend installing the deck beams took longer than I expected .

Bees wax on the dowels helps .

27 December 2020

Finally got some time to bend some ribs , managed to only break 4 ribs .I had to put several ribs back into the steamer to adjust the shape , all in all a very physical days work .

28 Feb 2021

After couple of months I’ve finished the frame and coated the timber.Getting ready to skin the frame soon.

12 March 2021

The RH has been Averaging 65 + so I started sewing the the skin.

The Final Dash

The Acid fast dye went well .

The coating was more difficult and I have a few sags and cloudy patches on the hull I should have waited longer before flipping over .Still it took a full day to coat 3 layers both sides .

The first paddle May 2 2021

My first impression , swift, tracks well balance is good . Turns slowly but that’s my fault, not enough skill with an extended sweep .


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I'm an Optometrist and have developed skills in woodworking, mostly Luthiery .With interests in Kayaks and Japanese joinery . I built 2 strip plank Kayaks designed by Nick Schade but that was many years ago. Living in Tasmania, the southern most state in Australia which has a wonderful climate and many beautiful rivers to explore .After admiring the lovely lines on the Greenland Kayaks I have decided the built the West Greenland as my first Skin on frame kayak.

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