Ken’s 66 pack canoe build, Silverton, Oregon.

I started this project in late October as a way to take my mind off of all the stuff that’s been going on this year. I was going to take a week off of work and see if I might get it built in that time, but life got in the way and I’ve only been able to put in a little time now and then.

I’ve earned a living for forty-five years doing various types of woodworking in my small shop. The shop is well equipped, and I’ve adapted some of the steps to take advantage of the tools I have on hand.

I found a fairly straight 4×6 at the lumber yard to use for laminating the gunwales, and used a hand plane, a string and a level to true it up.

Ripping 3/4″ cedar for the gunwales. Though I have a table saw, I don’t have room in my small shop to rip 12′ boards, so I’m doing it on a bandsaw. I was lucky to find a couple clear 1×12’s at a local discount lumber yard.

Laminating the gunwales. 50 spring clamps.

I ran the laminated stock over a jointer planer and then through a planer to clean off the excess glue and true it up, then ripped that in two on the bandsaw and planed each of the gunwales to thickness with the planer.

Routing the rib mortises using an overarm router with an X-Y vice clamped to the table. Stepping on the pedal raises the table with the gunwale into the router bit.

Rounding the edges of the gunwales.

Assembling the deck.

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