Thorsten‘s LPB

Hi Folks,

I’m Thorsten, 34 years old, livin’ in Bavaria, building a LPB. After months looking for wood that would properly bend for the ribs and coaming, I finally was lucky to get a whole tree of ash.

Got it cut and picked that up on Saturday, 6th July ’19

Cut and packed, ready to go 🙂

Just one board will go to the kayak project and the rest I’m gonna make some fine furniture.

Stacked and ready to dry…

On Sunday, 7th July ’19, I made my first bending on a scrap piece of ash out of the core. Soaking it for 20 minutes…

Give it a 8 min in the steam, which turned out to be good until 1/4”. So I put it back for another 8 min into the steam box end it bent.

I hardly tried to make a knot, however it worked and then… came loos again 🙂 By the way, making knots free hand turned out to be a good work-out 😜

Well, the scrap piece was just very raw cut by hand and had very different thickness on all edges. So I guess that’s the main reason why the piece cracked so badly.

The day after on Monday, 8th July ’19 eve, I came from work and made my first raw-cuts of the board I choosed for the frame of the LPB instead of WRC – Weymouth pine.

That wood is really light, however it seems to be a little softer than WRC, so I’m still not sure what thickness I’m gonna go for the gunwales, etc.

After a little hand-planing my work was done for this day. Next I will raw-cut the other parts and plane everything to its final dimension.


Tuesday, 9th July ’19

I spent my time to cut the gunwales to its final dimensions.

Which is kind of a big deal as the gunwales of the LPB are 16′ long. Oh boy, nobody around when needed… so I made myself a 3rd hand to push the gunwales against the fence and simply cut these dudes to 18mm thickness 🙂

And this worked out well, as the other part is just perfect to make some deck beams 😉

At the end I tried out to put the forms and straps in and finally… we got the shape of a kayak 😀

Saturday, 13th July ’19 I had to deal with rain and sunshine all day, so I could work only without power tools. However, coming back to a hand-plane is nice anyways, even if it takes longer to get the job done.

Planing the coaming…


For the deck beams I took some slices of 3/16 thick, I had left from the gunwales. So I glued 4 of these plys together but had to steam them before. By the way, these plastic clamps are shitty, however I didn’t get the heavy-metal ones here :/

At the evening I made my coaming and soaked it for one hour or so. The ash wasn’t as soft after steaming as the oak Brian uses, however bending went pretty good, with two tiny cracks on the sharp edge. Once the lip is on the coaming, it will be fine anyways 😀

Thursday, 13th July ’19

I started kerfing and lashing the gunwales…

Pegged the deck beams…

Finally, finished the coaming with the lip


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