Grant’s 66 Canoe Nesting Pair

My first ever blog… for canoe’s! Who’s have though. I’ve been stewing over building a floating contraption of some type for some time. I really wanted to do a cedar strip canoe but honestly know basically zero about what I actually want and felt that 200+ hours was a lot of time for doing this. As a teen I did a couple of week-long type canoe trips with my brother in Algonquin, Ontario that got me hooked. I did some teen-aged white water canoeing as a kid… managed to wreck a friend’s dad’s 17 foot kevlar boat not at all designed for the purpose in the process. I’ve been making furniture for years now getting more and more adventurous in that regard trying my best to do primarily hand tool work, some steam bending, you name it and felt like it was time for something new. Poking around I found Cape Falcon and immediately these beautiful boat and Brian’s calm method of explaining his craft gave me confidence this was the path forward. First: paddles. 4 of them. One for me and one for the missus… butternut with some walnut accents. Two for the kids: butternut with some various scraps of walnut, maple, ash. So far working out okay.

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