Berend’s East Greenland kayak, Leiden (The Netherlands)

The East Greenland kayak on the water.
It’s my first time rolling, and I’ve yet to get the hang of it.
The finished East Greenland kayak.

I started (late 2019) with the construction of an LPB. Building was a fun and educational process. Thanks to Brain Schulz’s help and the detailed directions in his video course, I was able to build the kayak without any problems. I got the hang of it, and there was an opportunity to make a second kayak, a Greenland kayak this time. I was still doubting between a West and an East Greenland kayak. I chose the latter because it looks the slickest: long and slender, low on the water, and nice lines on the deck.

Two kayaks: the LPB and the East Greenland kayak.

First I show a few photos of the result, then the photos of the construction of the kayak. Usually with a short explanation and sometimes with a longer one.

A few pictures of making the bow and stern. In retrospect I would have made sure that the line of the oak plank would follow the line of the gunwales. But yes, afterwards, when the skin was already on, there was little that could be done about it. Better luck next time.

The frame is finished and oiled.
The result.


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Berend likes being outside and preferably on the water. He has been canoeing for over 35 years, in all kinds of boats: K1, C1, kayaking on large water, long distances, kayak camping, and so on. Since he made a greenland paddle (with instructions from Brian) for the first time last year, he wanted to go further and build a boat himself.

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  1. Wim van Velzen
    September 13, 2021

    ha Berend

    You got yourself a very beautiful kayak! Congrats,

    Wim van Velzen


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